Hamler Municipal Building
871 E. Hubbard Street
Hamler, Ohio 43524
Mayor - Jeff Brubaker
                            COUNCIL MEMBERS

Lynn Behrman -                       Mike Prigge - Council President
Arnold Gerken                                             Jon Scheele
Dawn Travis                                                Gary Smith
Fiscal Officer - Shelly Grant               Water Superintendent - Tim Phillips

Tax Administrator - Jim Rhode
                         Board of Public Affairs

                                  Garry Delvental
                                  Herb Behrman
                                  Bill Barnes
If you have any questions or comments drop us an email at:
villageofhamler@yahoo.com or to contact the Mayor directly send an
email to: hamlermayor@gmail.com

  Finance and Audit - L. Behrman Chair
  Building and Grounds - Smith
  Utilities/Water/Sewer/Zooning - Martinez
  Streets/Sidewalks/Lights - Gerken
  Safety/Police/Fire - Scheele
  Economic Development - Prigge